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Westlife 4 Ever
Louis Keeps Westlife away from ShowBiz Ireland


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We love the Westlife boys but even we have to admit the jury is still out on their over protective manager Louis Walsh.

Maybe we are just feeling a little miffed because we went to cover the bands opening night in the Point Theatre in Dublin, and Louis barred us from visiting the lads backstage.

But, don't worry is still the only place you will get the low down on the boys.

Louis allowed such other publications as The Star and The Sun backstage to see the band, but we still seem to be the only one to know that Kian Egan's love life is back on track after a split with his Swedish girlfriend Jessica.

The couple have been stepping out for a year and but recently split up for whatever rock and roll reasons you can think of. Anyway, two weeks ago the couple got back together and were spotted out shopping in London in a Cartier shop.

Sadly, our tabloid friends guessed Kian was buying something for Jessica to show her happy he was to have her back. Wrong again our sources inside the Westlife camp reveal Kian was actually buying something nice for himself to go along with the black Porsche he bought himself last year.

As for Louis Walsh we guess we will have to try and be nice to him as he is taking our favourite actress Alison O'Reilly with him this week to Elton John's party in London.

Our invite must still be in the post?