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Full name: Stefanie Meletiou
Date of birth: 7th April 1988
Place of birth: Cyprus
Age: 14
Starsign: Aries
Pets: 3 Huskeys, Ralph, Harley and Nero
My eyes are: Hazel
Best Friends: Cassandra, Sarah, Eleni, Luzdary and Leonie  
Fav band: Westlife
Other bands: Busted, Blink 182, Dreamstreet, Natural and Boysterous
Fav female singer: Avril Lavigne, Leann Rimes, Christina Aguilera and Mandy Moore 
Fav Male singer: Nick Carter, Nicky Byrne, Abs and Ronan
Fav team is: Manchester United
Fav sport is: Basketball
Fav movie: A Walk To Remember
Fav actor: Shane West
Fav actress: Tara Raid
Fav tv programme: Friends, Beverly Hills 90210, Step By Step and Headstart
Fav subject: Biology
Worst subject: Maths and French
Holiday destination: Mexico
My dream: To sing in a band
My dream job: Singer
Hobbies: Singing, Dancing, Sports, hanging out with friends and my boyfriend and Internet 

Fav westlifer: Nicky 
Fav westlife song: Love Crime and Open Your Heart
Best singer: hm.........Nicky
Best dancer: Nicky
Funniest westlifer: Bryan
Nicest Eyes: Mark
Nicest smile: Nicky
Have you ever meet them: Nope but i really wanna meet them

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Full name:
Date of birth: 
Place of birth:
My eyes are:
Best Friends: 
Fav band: 
Other bands: 
Fav female singer:
Fav Male singer: 
Fav team is: 
Fav sport is:
Fav movie: 
Fav actor: 
Fav actress: 
Fav tv programme: 
Fav subject:
Worst subject:
Holiday destination:
My dream: 
My dream job:
Fav westlifer:  
Fav westlife song: 
Best singer:
Best dancer: 
Funniest westlifer:
Nicest Eyes:
Nicest smile:
Have you ever meet them: