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Full name: Bryan Nicholas Mcfadden
Date of birth: 12/4/1980
Place of birth: Dublin, Ireland
Star sign: Aries
6 feet 1 or 186 cm
Girlfriend: He is married to Kerry Katona, and they got a child together called Molly, born August 31th 2001.
Any scars or marks: Birthmark on lower back
Colour of eyes: Blue
Colour of hair: Blond
Previous jobs: Bingo caller, Security at Mc Donalds
Previous bands: Cartel showband from Dublin
Hero: Mum&Dad
Fav Sport: Soccer
Fav Film: Titanic
Fav Actor: Leo Dicaprio
Fav Actress: Jennifer Love Hewitt
Fav Colous:
Fav Book: The General
Likes: Music, females and spending money
Dislikes: Other peoples sadness - I like everyone to be happy.
Hobbies: Singing
Fav Food: Japanses
Worst Food: Dog Food
Most like to meet: Stevie Wonder
Singing since: 4
Describe yourself in 3 words: Fun/Shy/Irish
Most embarrassing moment: Getting the presenter`s name wrong on TV.
Pets: A dog called Chip
Instruments: Guitar and piano
Bad habit: Forgetfulness
Fav Clothers: Baggy Tracksuits
Fav Designer: Dolce & Gabbana
Fav Song: Something Stupid by Frank Sinatra
First record you bought: Kylie Minogue - Light Years
Any brothers/sisters: 1 sister called Susan
What animal would you be: A horse
Who would you have a one 2 one with? Nelson Mandela
Most impressive person you`ve ever met: Bryan Adams
Rule of life: "Live life today and deal with tomorrow then it comes".