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Full Name: Kian John Francis Egan
Date of birth: 29th April 1980
Star sign: Taurus
Place of birth: Sligo, Ireland
School: Summer Hill College
Where do you live now: Sligo / On the road
Colour of eyes: Blue
Height: 5ft 10
Inside Leg Measurement: 31
Chest: 40
Shoe size: 8
Any tattoos: a chinese symbol meaning spirit/soul on his left ankle
Scars/marks: Small scar on face (right cheek)
Family: parents Kevin and Patricia, three brothers: Gavin (28), Tom (22), Colm (5) and three sisters: Viv (30), Fenella (24), Marielle (13)

Describe yourself in three words: Romantic, fun, shy
Bad habit: I bite my nails
Rule of life: "Treat everybody the same way you want to be treated"
Phrase that you use often: Alone
If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be? a beaver
Dream house: Big house in Hollywood
Worst class(es): Maths
Best class(es): Art
Hobbies: Music, snooker, pitch and putt, shopping
Instrument: Guitar and piano
Likes: performing on stage, having a good night out and being in Westlife
Dislikes: sushi and rude people
Fave sport(s): Basketball, football
Fave actor: Brad Pitt
Fave actress: Cameron Diaz
Fave male singer: Brian Littrell
Fave female singer: Celine Dion
Most like to meet: Michael Jackson
Who Would Who Have A One 2 One With: Madonna
Most Impressive Person You've Ever Met: Lenny Kravitz
Best movie ever: Titanic
Fave cereal: Frosties
Fave food: Steak and Chips
Worst food: Sushi
Fave soft drink: 7 UP
McDonalds or Burger King: McDonalds
Fave place to chill: In front of T.V.
Fave place to visit: USA
Fave football team: Liverpool
Fave perfume, men?JOOP
Fave perfume, women?Loads
Fave clothes: Alexander McQueen shirt, Nicole Farhi cotton jeans
Fave designer: Dolce and Gabbana
Fave colour: Blue or white
Fave book: Bravo Two Zero by Andy McNabb
Fave music: BSB, Boyzone, Five, Chart
Fave song: Baby one more time by Britney Spears, She's Like The Wind (from 'Dirty Dancing')
First record bought: Metallica - Glory of Love
First concert: Michael Jackson in Dublin
U2 or B*Witched: U2
BSB or Boyzone: BSB
Blondes or brunettes: Both
Ideal woman: Good looking, good personality, good fun
Girlfriend: Jessica Forsman ?!
His first kiss : was when he was nine - round the back of the Mervin community centre in Sligo!
Fave one-liner: Don?se any
Romantic move (eg. flowers): Too many to give away!