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Full Name: Nicholas Bernard James Adam Byrne
Date of birth: 9th October 1978
Place of birth: Holles Street Hospital, Dublin, Southern Ireland
Where do you live now: Baldoyle - Dublin with my parents, but a house for me and Georgina will be ready soon.
Height: 5ft 9 and a half
Color of eyes: Blue
Parents: Nikki & Yvonne
Brother: Adam(11)
Sister: Gillian(22)
None - My dog Ben ran away!
Any tattoos: Yes, right over my bum
Dream house: Big house just outside Dublin
School: Returned to Plunkit College after spending two years with Leeds Football Club
Worst class: I was never any good at maths
Best classes: English was easy and geography wasn't bad
Hobbies: Football and Snooker
Likes: Football (especially Man U and Leeds because he used to be the goalie in the junior team), eating out, shopping and traveling home to Ireland to see his family, playing music and singing
Dislikes: Smoking and nasty people
Favorite sport(s): Soccer and snooker
Favorite actor: Bruce Willis and Brad Pitt
Favorite actress: Demi Moore
Favorite male singer: Phil Collins
Favorite female singer: Natalie Imbruglia
Favorite video (s): Titanic, Die Hard
Favorite cereal: Sugar Puffs
Favorite Food: Sunday Dinner
Favorite soft drink: Pepsi
Favorite place to chill: My couch in my front living room in Dublin
Favorite place to visit: Caribbean or New York or Sydney
Favorite perfume, men's: Dolce & Gabbana
Favorite perfume, women's: CK Eternity
Favorite Football Team: Manchester United
Favorite Group: Boyzone
Favorite song: Flying Without Wings (by Westlife!!)
McDonalds or Burger King: McDonalds definitely
Rule of Life: "Never think that anyone's better than you, and never think that you are better than anyone else"
U2 or B*Witched: U2
BSB or Boyzone: Boyzone
Blondes or brunettes: Depends
Have a girlfriend: Yes the Irish President's daughter (Georgina)
Favorite one-liner:
How do you like your eggs in the morning
Romantic move (ex. Flowers, going to a movie): Surprised my girlfriend by coming home after being away for two months
Phrase that you use often: Le Gra means with love in Irish
Described as: Sociable and fun.