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Full Name: Shane Steven Filan
Date of birth: 5th July 1979, 12:34 pm
Star sign: Cancer
Place of birth: Sligo General Hospital, Ireland
Where do you live now: Sligo / on the road with band
School: Summer Hill College, Sligo
Colour of eyes: Hazel green
Hair Colour: Brown
Height: 5ft 9
Inside Leg Measurement : 32
Chest : 3
Waist: 31
Shoe size: 9
Family: parents Peter and Mae, three brothers: Finbarr (30), Peter (29), Liam (27), three sisters: Yvonne (28), Denise (23), Mairead (21)
Have a girlfriend: Gillian Walsh
Previous Jobs: Hardware store
Any tattoos: No
Distinguishing Features: I got a scar on my head where I fell over and split it open when I was younger.
Pets: A German Shepherd dog called Kaiser & loads of horses!
Describe yourself in three words: Level-headed, generous, romantic
Bad Points: When I'm watching TV, it's hard to get my attention
Left or Right Handed: Right
Hobbies: Horse riding, snooker, pitch and putt
Instrument: Guitar
Previous Bands: IOU
Likes: Sleeping, shopping, hot weather, girls, going out with his friends, horses (his family have a lot to do with the world of horses) and singing
Dislikes: Insects, rude people, rain
Blondes or brunettes: either
Fave Body Part: Eyes and hands
Ideal woman: Cute, cuddly and one who loves me
Fave Part of a Woman: Legs
Worst subject: Science
Best subject: English/Maths
Fave sport: Soccer, horse riding
Fave actor: Tom Cruise
Fave actress: Catherine Zeta Jones
Fave male singer: George Michael
Fave female singer: Mariah Carey
Most like to meet: Michael Jackson
Hero: Michael Jackson
Best movie ever: Titanic
Fave cereal: Corn Flakes
Fave food: Spaghetti, Mum's cooking, steak and chips
Worst food: sushi
Fave soft drink: Coca Cola
McDonalds or Burger King: Both
Fave place to chill: At home
Fave place to visit: Tenerife
Fave football team: Liverpool
Fave perfume, men's: Polo / Sport
Fave perfume, women's: Coolwater / Beautiful / Chloe
Fave clothes: Long sleeved shirts
Fave designer: Dolce and Gabbana
Fave colour: Black
Fave book: Anything by W.B.Yeats
Fave song: I Believe I can Fly by R Kelly, Take That - Back For Good
Fave WL song: What I want Is What I've Got
First record bought: Uptown Girl - Billy Joel
First concert: Status Quo in Sligo
Fave one-liner: Too many to mention
If you were an animal, what kind of animal would you be? a horse
Rule of Life: "You only live once, so live a good life!"
Phrase that you use often: You know what I mean
Who Would You Have A One 2 One With? Michael Jackson
Most Impressive Person You've Ever Met: Mother Teresa