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The formative years...

At the age of thirteen, twins sisters and award-winning actresses Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen are among the most popular female personalities in America. First known for sharing the role of Michelle Tanner on the ABC-TV hit comedy series Full House from nine-months old to nine years old, the twins have literally grown up in public. Now, having made their mark in feature film,television, home video, publishing, recording and multi-media entertainment, the Olsens are returning to television with a new prime time series to be produced by Dualstar Productions & Warner Bros. TV for Fall 2000 and an animated television series based on their Adventures Of Mary-Kate & Ashley home videos and books.

As always, Mary-Kate and Ashley and their Dualstar Entertainment Group are setting a new standard -- not just for teen stars, but for superstars of any age.

Their first movie-length, direct-to-video project, Billboard Dad, released by Warner Home Video in November 1998, has already achieved multi-platinum sales. A new direct-to-video title, Passport To Paris, was filmed in Europe this summer and is set for release in November 1999. The movie captures a special moment in the girl's lives -- their first on screen kiss!

Mary-Kate and Ashley have also founded a home in the recording industry. The Olsens released Cool Yule, their first-ever Christmas album, on Dualstar Records/Kid Rhino this Fall. I Am The Cute One, reached Billboard's Top 200 album chart and appeared along with Brother For Sale, their debut album in 1992, on Billboard's Heatseekers chart for new recording artists. Both albums were re-released by Lightyear Entertainment this past Spring. You're Invited To Mary-Kate & Ashley's Sleepover Party, You're Invited To Mary-Kate & Ashley's Birthday Party, and You're Invited To Mary-Kate & Ashley's Ballet Party, were also recently released.

Dualstar's success in children's books parallels its achievments in home video and music. Reaching a joint venture with Dualstar Publications & mega-successful book packager and producer Parachute Press in 1995 for a companion paperback series to the girls Adventures videos, the Olsen's New Adventures series of children's books has grown to include original mysteries and two hardcover titles through Disney Press, the first of which, Once Upon A Time With Mary-Kate & Ashley, was released in Spring '98. A companion book series to their Two Of A Kind TV series has also been released with Harper Entertainment and Parachute Publishing.

The Olsen's make their first-foray into consumer products licensing when new Mary-Kate & Ashley fashion & accessories dolls join the Friends Of Barbie line just in time for the Millenium. The Olsen's extensive video-catalog, including many of the Adventures, You're Invited and television film titles, recently made their broadcast debut on Fox Family Channel in June 1999 with a highly-rated 13th Birthday programming marathon. The episodes continue to air on Fox Family on Saturday morning s at 8 a.m.

If the Olsens seem like they are having a lot of fun, it may be because what they do professionally so closely parallels their real-life interests. Among their favorite things to do are to act, sing, shop, watch MTV, enjoy the great outdoors, dance, play baseball, ride horses and spend quality time with their real-life family. Above all else, they are still regular kids.

Mary-Kate and Ashley were born June 13, 1986. While they appear to be identical twins they are fraternal -- with Ashley, who is right-handed, born two minutes before southpaw Mary-Kate. They live in Los Angeles with older brother Trent, and younger sister Elizabeth -- who have appeared in their videos from time to time. The girls were voted Favorite Television Actresses for 1999 at the Nickelodeon Kid's Choice Awards, beating Melissa Joan Hart, Jennifer Aniston, and Sarah Michelle Gellar and were recently named Teen Ambassadors to the Women's World Cup Soccer Tournament.