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Kerry Slams Posh's Romeo...


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At four months pregnant Kerry McFadden, wife of Westlife's Bryan has finally lost her temper with Posh Spice Victoria Beckham.

This week after the former Spice girl named her second child Romeo Kerry called to complain to

Kerry said, "I think any mother who names her baby Romeo must be having a laugh and I feel that if it was up to me she should be reported to social services."

Kerry, who is due her second child on early next year, says she had no plans for any silly names but lots of plans for more children:

"I want to have at least two more children after this one but I will take a break of a year or two after February when our second baby is due. After all, it's only my 22nd birthday this weekend and I'm not in that much of a rush. But, I would like to have four children altogether. For the moment I am keeping myself busy between work and being pregnant."

She went on, "I am just back from seeing Bryan in LA where he is with Westlife and I am getting us moved into our new house out by the airport which I love. This weekend he is taking me away for a romantic weekend to celebrate my birthday."

Kerry will be pregnant for the entire filming of her new RTE talent show You're A Star which shoots until next March.

Along with Kerry on the judging panel will be Phil Coulter and Darren Smith, from Windmill Lane Entertainment.

The winning act will receive a record contract, management contract and will also go forward to represent Ireland in the 2003 Eurovision Song Contest.