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Shane Gets Serious & a Ferrari...


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There may not be a wedding yet for Shane Filan, the lead singer with Ireland's Westlife. But, he is getting ready to make some serious moves on his long term girlfriend Gillian Walsh.

Speaking to recently at the Kerrygold Dublin show, Shane explained that marriage may still be a bit away for him but moving in together is just around the corner.

"Myself and Gillian have no plans to marry just yet. But, I have just built a new house for my parents and I guess one for the two of us will be next on my list. It may have to wait for a while as I've just spent loads of money a new car along with Nicky and Bryan from the band. We all got new Ferraris. They picked up theirs last month but I just picked up my new black Ferrari 575 Marenello."

He went on, "Gillian and myself only flew in from Mexico, where we were on holiday for the past two weeks. We came back so I could watch my brother Liam. He is competing today in the jumps for the Horseshow. We have loads of horses down home in Sligo and my family are big into jumping so it had been a family tradition of ours for years to come to the horseshow."