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Atomic Liz And Westlife Kian Get Close


Sexy Atomic Kitten star Liz McLarnon has developed an "intimate friendship" with Westlife's Kian Egan.


Friends of the pop pair are predicting the friendship will develop into a full-blown romance, but as yet they are not an item. According to Britain's Daily Star newspaper, the two speak regularly on the phone and have been on a string of nights out together.


One pal says, "Although they're not officially boyfriend and girlfriend, they're very, very close and lots of us believe it could develop into something more soon." Liz, 21, and Kian, 22, have known each other for years since meeting when the Kittens supported Westlife on tour.


Two relationships have already developed between members of the Atomic Kitten and Westlife camps - Bryan McFadden and former Kitten Kerry Katona are married while Natasha Hamilton met former fiance Fran Cosgrove while he worked as a security guard at one of the Irish quintet's concerts.



This is Nicky doing a spot of modelling. He took part in a charity fashion show in Dublin recently and looks a bit like a bloke from the 80's, but I reckon he still looks fairly cool! More pictures can be found at the TUWS_UK Yahoo Group.



Bryan has made a pact with Mark to put his boozy past behind him and detox this year. The fun-loving Westlife hunk has made no secret of his love for the hard stuff and his alcohol-fuelled escapades have helped fill newspaper columns on numerous occasions. Most notable was the 22-year-old's fracas with So Soild Crew at last year's Brit Awards, when a drunken Bryan attempted to start a scarp with the 30-strong crew. But now, with wife Kerry at home with their first child Molly and expecting their second in March, Bryan has decided to tone it down and play the family man. And pal Mark is with him every step of the way. The pair are now determined to go at least a month without smoking and cut the beer down to a minimum. A pal said: "Both of them enjoy a drink so they've decided it would be silly to rule out alcohol altogether.  But the fags have GOT to go. They've made it a bit of a challenge to see who can last longest without one. They've even asked the rest of the band to grass them up if they catch them having a smoke."

Bryan's previously been stranded in France after a boozy mishap. He ended up getting so sozzled that he missed the ferry back to England. He's also had a punch-up with former 5ive star J Brown.


Kerry McFadden doesn't mince words. And being nominated Celebrity Mum Of The Year clearly encouraged her to offer advice on motherhood to Victoria Beckham. "I don't think I'd get a a record deal now, even if I wanted to make a comeback," says pregnant Kerry, 22, the wife of Westlife's Bryan McFadden. Very astute. "I think Posh is brave to get back into singing, but she shouldn't do intense promotion for any new records. She should keep a low profile for the good of her kids." We're sure Victoria will bear that in mind, love.



Westlife hunk Shane Filan is currently reportedly missing-from-action due to a nasty bout of glandular fever. However, some music biz folk have suggested that the pint-sized crooner may actually be preparing to launch himself as a solo star! According to chin waggers in the know, the handsome chappy has apparently hooked up with crinkly pop supremo Mike Stock (of Stock, Aitken & Waterman fame) who's going to produce his solo material. Although RCA officials are denying that Shane is to head out on his own - after all, the 'Life are set to embark on a nationwide tour later in the spring and they've just signed a new five album deal - all the signs are there. Check them out!


 Shane has glandular fever - Remember that Sean from Five was suffering from the same illness before they went their separate ways

 Westlife's Miss You Nights single, which was due out in December, has been put back until March

 Channel 4 recently screened a Shane Filan documentary

 Mike Stock recently admitted that he was working with a high profile star whose name he couldn't mention!



Shane wants to tie the knot on or around Christmas Eve next year and plans are already being made for the big day. Shane, 23, told the mirror newspaper: "We are still looking at all the options and trying to make up our minds what to do but I like the idea of a winter wedding. I think because I proposed to Gillian on Christmas Day it would be a idea to get married at the same time of year. We are thinking of doing it as close to Christmas as possible - maybe even Christmas Eve if it works out. It's going to be a big family occasion with all of our best friends there too. The last thing we want is for it to become a big media frenzy."


Shane has ditched plans to get married in the summer because Westlife will be busy touring and promoting single releases. If they get married at Christmas he will have three weeks off too enjoy the occasion and go on a honeymoon. The singer added: "I've always liked the idea of a winter wedding. I think there's something really romantic about it and so does Gillian but we haven't made final decisions yet. We've been talking to different people about where and when to do it and hopefully we will know more in the next couple of months. We want everything to be perfect and I think it would be the best Christmas ever. Everyone is really looking forward to it and they've been talking non-stop about it since we announced it! Obviously mum and dad are thrilled."


The couple will live in a three-story mansion in Sligo when they tie the knot. Construction has just been finished on a similar home for Shane's family. The house boasts seven en-suite bedrooms, a two-storey dining room and a snooker room.




It's looking likely that 2003 will be the year of US boy band Natural. Not only do the five-piece have a sponsorship contract with Burger King under their belts, but they also recently completed a jaunt around the UK on the Smash Hits Tour. Amazingly, things look set to get even better for the well-scrubbed, all-American lads. Why? Well, they've just landed themselves a slot supporting Westlife on their forthcoming tour of the UK! Yep, that's right, fans who've nabbed tickets for the Irish heartthrobs' nationwide tour will be able to check out not just five hunky pop stud muffins, but ten! Natural will be whipping the crowd into a frenzy in support of Shane Filan and the boys at the following venues: Cardiff International Arena, Birmingham NEC, London Wembley Arena, Manchester MEN Arena, Nottingham Arena, Glasgow SECC, Newcastle Telewest Arena and Sheffield Arena. Meanwhile, due to current commitments in Japan and South East Asia, where they're huge, Natural's next UK single, entitled Paradise, will now be released to coincide with the Westlife jaunt.





According to today's Daily Star. Sexy Atomic Kitten Liz McLarnon has developed an intimate relationship with Westlife's Kian Egan. And their pals predict a full-blown romance. The two pop stars speak regularly on the phone and text each other a lot. They have also been on nights out together recently. They are not officially an item yet, but pals believe the friendship is well on the way to a full-on romance. One pal said: "Although they're not officially boyfriend and girlfriend, they're very close and lots of us believe it could develop into something more very soon." Liz, 21, and Kian,22, have known each other for years. Liz, now touring Asia, split with Tommy Hibbs after six years in late 2001. Kian split with his Swedish lover Jessica Forsman last autumn.




It's nearly Valentine's Day, but what happens if you're in a successful boy band like Westlife and you're going to be away from your girlfriend on the day? Well, take a leaf out of Nicky's book! When he was away with the band for Valentine's Day a few years back, he and his girlfriend Georgina were bitterly disappointed that they didn't think they were going to see each other. Nicky had other ideas! He decided he just couldn't be without her, flew back to Ireland and when she was in the shower he sneaked into her house and went up to her bedroom and filled it with balloons. So when she came back into the room all upset that she wasn't going to see her boyfriend, there he was lying on the bed with a box of chocolates! Oh how sweet!




The BBC are in the process of making a a documentary for the UK entitled 'Swapping Notes: Westlife Go Country.' The multi-million selling Irish pop act Westlife are in Nashville for 3 days to be transformed into country music artists. Westlife will be receiving advice from Lee Ann Womack, Kenny Rogers, Dolly Parton, & Deana Carter on country music. Legendary producer Tony Brown, and producer Chris Farren are working together with Westlife to record the classic Kenny Rogers song 'Daytime Friends.' Yee ha!


Source: Unofficial Westlife Website

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