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Any One Of Us....Gareth Gates
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Gareth's Bio
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I've been letting you down, down

Name: Gareth Paul Gates
Birthdate: July 12th 1984
Starsign: Cancer
Age: 18
Hair Colour: brown
Eye Colour: brown
Described in 3 Words: determined, hardworking and friendly
Worst Habit: Obsession with his hair!
Likes: singing, playing the guitar and piano
Dislikes: showoffs, selfish people and people with huge heads
Ideal Partner: Britney Spears
Person He'd Like to Meet: Michael Jackson
Sport: Football
Film: Gladiator
Food: Steak
School Subject: Music
Colour: Blue
Solo Singer: Robbie Williams
Band: Westlife
Song: "Flying Without Wings" - Westlife

+He takes 20 minutes to gel his hair each morning.
+Singing Westlife tracks keeps his mind off things.
+Smitten Gareth texts his Pop Idol pal Zoe dozens of times a day.
+Eight minders were needed to escort him 50 metres from his battle bus to the Capital Radio Studios.
+His favourite snack is prawn cocktail sandwiches and ready salted crisps.
+Julia Roberts is his No 1 movie star and he watches her film 'Notting Hill' over and over again.
+In a bid to cure his stammer, Gareth enrolled on the McGuire programme - a special breathing course.
+When the show first started, Gareth recieved 100 fan letters a week. Now it's 2,000 a day.
+Some of the letters are so suggestive, he is prevented from seeing them in case they put him off his performance.
+He keeps the lyrics to all his songs in his back pocket in case he forgets them.

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